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BIG NEWS: A New Way to Earn BIG Money


We’re announcing the launch of the DailyPay Client Ambassador Program!

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The Ambassador Program was created to enable YOU to make significant money. As a DailyPay Ambassador, you receive special access to refer new types of Clients to DailyPay and earn significant referral bonuses. And the best part is it’s completely free to become an Ambassador.

To get you started Mr. or Madam Ambassador, we are announcing the launch of DailyPay for Restaurants on Seamless & GrubHub. You will make $100 per restaurant you sign-up! Restaurants who currently sell through delivery apps get paid weeks after they actually sell the food (sound familiar??). DailyPay pays restaurants daily for food delivery sales they make, instead of having to wait weeks for their money.

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Other Awesome Perks Include:

  • DailyPay Swag – T-shirts, Car Stickers and more!
  • A customized referral code. You choose!
  • Marketing & sales material, including personalized referral cards
  • Tips and tricks on how to help you refer new DailyPay Clients
  • Early access to new product features and updates
  • Opportunity to be nominated and featured for an upcoming Fan Love Friday post
  • Bragging rights! Go ahead and put “DailyPay Client Ambassador” on your LinkedIn and Facebook profile!

To become an Ambassador, you need to have referred at least 4 or more DailyPay clients. No worries if you’re a little short! Start referring an Uber Driver, DoorDasher, or restaurant today and you’re on your way to Ambassador status.

For more information on the Ambassador Program and how to earn $100 for restaurant referrals, check out our dedicated Ambassador page here.

Can’t wait to get out there and start selling? Download our media kit for sales materials and personalized referral cards here.

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