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Good Old Fashioned Hard Work

I recently got out of an Uber and saw this sign posted on a lamp post.

I thought it was a profound commentary on how quickly business is changing today.  I couldn’t help but think about the “Grout & Tile Expert” who had to run around New York City and tape these fliers on every lamp post, in the hopes of booking a new gig.

I think Uber – like any company – has its faults.  But what Uber has managed to do is to provide extraordinary means for hard working people like you to “book jobs”.  You don’t have to run around town and tape signs to a lamp post.  We are all the beneficiaries of some amazing developments in technology.

But what this sign also reminded me of was sometimes it just takes good old fashioned hard work to make money.  I have deep respect and admiration for the person who hung these fliers.  Anyone who is willing to hustle like this deserves to be paid.  It’s the same admiration I have for each of you.  You’re out there on the roads – day after day, night after night.  And when you’re not on the road, maybe you’re working a different job, or finding other ways to supplement your driver income.  One of those ways to earn more money is to refer other Uber drivers to DailyPay.  For example, when you refer 5 people, that’s an extra $100. 

The On Demand Economy is a historic development in the labor economy.  But at its core, its success still relies on the work ethic of each individual driver.  

Oh and in case you were wondering, I clean my own bathroom.


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    1. Hi Robyn –
      Thanks for your question. Most people sign up on the intro offer which is daily pay advances for two-weeks free. In the case of our driver clients, DailyPay starts collecting a convenience fee for every deposit we make to your bank account following the two weeks. Our fees are simple. $0.99 for your earnings < $150 and $1.49 on your earnings > = $150. Let us know if you have any additional questions!

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