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Drivers: Receive Extra Money From DailyPay

Any of our DailyPay Clients can agree that it’s annoying and sometimes inconvenient having to wait for your pay, particularly when you’ve worked so hard for it. Before the on-demand economy boom, cash was earned when the work was done. You completed a ride, you got paid. You finished a delivery, you got paid. Now, you wait…for a whole week!

Restaurants used to make immediate money before the on-demand delivery apps (think: GrubHub & Seamless) intervened. Sound familiar?!

Without DailyPay, restaurants wait weeks to a month to realize a large percentage of their food revenues due to delayed delivery sales.

While there are benefits to using delivery apps, like increased sales volume (in your case, more daily rides/deliveries), getting access to your money has become more complex. You can understand better than anyone that there are costs associated with simply going to work, like gas and car maintenance. In the case of a restaurant, they need capital to pay their employees, buy food, pay their lease, etc.

Insert YOU. You’re a driver, entrepreneur and DailyPay client, and you already have relationships with these restaurants. They need DailyPay too! Now you can come to the rescue by offering a two week free trial if the restauranteur uses your code! The best part is you can make some extra cash while doing this good deed.

The Details

Qualifiable Restaurants

DailyPay works with Restaurants on Seamless and GrubHub. To find out which restaurants close to you qualify, go to the GrubHub and Seamless websites and search for restaurants based on your location.

How Much You Can Make

If you successfully sign up a restaurant on GrubHub & Seamless you can make $100 in referral bonus money. To review our referral policy go here.

Tools & Tips To Successfully Sign Up A Restaurant

1. Share Your Referral Code

You need to first identify your DailyPay referral link or code. Login to your DailyPay account and go to your referrals tab. Your unique referral code is the number/letter combination that follow the “=” sign within your referral link.

Then, text or email your referral link to a restaurant owner. Alternatively, you can print these referral cards with your code on it.

Pro-tip #1: Bookmark the sign up page on your smartphone browser

Pro-tip #2: Our favorite place to get these brochures printed cheaply and delivered quickly is Vistaprint. You can get 50 postcards printed for only $10!

2. Let The DailyPay for Restaurant Video Do The Talking

Watch the video below that explains the DailyPay for Restaurants. Better, have the restauranteur watch this video too!

Pro-tip #3: You can find this video at

3.  Study Our Sales Guides

Watch this role play video on how to approach and sell to a restaurant owner on Seamless & GrubHub.

Or view this one page training manual below. Go ahead – print it out and study it! We’re confident you’ll be an expert in no time.


Now that you have the know-how, let’s see what you’ve got, DailyPay Ambassador!!

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