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New: Weekend & Holiday Pay with DailyPay Now!

Never wait for your pay. Ever!

This holiday weekend the banks will be closed, but you can still access your unpaid earnings with our new product, DailyPay Now

Each day, DailyPay transfers unpaid earnings to thousands of users across the United States. We believe that you shouldn’t have to wait days and weeks to receive your paycheck, but that you should be able to get paid on-demand and instantly. Never before has this been a possible until Now


DailyPay Now is our newest product! You can now access your daily earnings on instantly, any day of the week, including this long weekend! We can do this because DailyPay Now uses the Push-to-debit rails, instead of the typical ACH banking network. This means we’ll send money to the bank account associated to the debit card of your choice. You will need to add a debit card to use this new product feature.

Today, don’t worry about anything but good company, because we’ve got your back with Now.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Email: support@trydailypay.com

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