DailyPay for Drivers Fan Love Friday

Meet Team Dash Duo – The Power Couple from Sacramento and This Week’s Fan Love Friday Feature!

Meet Team Dash Duo!

Krystina and Chesean make up this husband wife power duo taking California by storm. Though they’re originally from opposite coasts (her from the East and him from the West), they met in Sacramento and are now traveling California one DoorDash delivery at a time.

Before driving for DoorDash full time, Krystina was a Manager at a restaurant and Chesean worked security, but they gave that up to start the #90DayChallenge at the beginning of November. The 90 Day Challenge being: work 90 days straight so they can buy the house of their dreams. The challenge has taken Team Dash Duo all over the west coast, but they’re happy to travel because as Chesean put it “if you have a dream, you chase it.”

DailyPay users since October, Team Dash Duo enjoys how daily payments consistently motivates them to work harder. They also love that DailyPay helps them save, because they are more conscious of their spending on a daily basis. Krystina and Chesean said that they would recommend DailyPay to people like them, “willing to work hard”.

As a special gift right around the holidays, Team Dash Duo is offering a free two-week trial of DailyPay to all drivers on DoorDash, Fasten, GrubHub and/or Instacart. Use this referral code to sign up for your free trial of DailyPay and get paid tomorrow!

Email community@trydailypay.com if you, or someone that you know would be a great candidate for an upcoming feature.

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