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Rideshare Candy Jar Giveaway!

The Rideshare world is buzzing about tipping. Last week, Uber acknowledged the right for drivers to solicit tips from passengers. We’re excited to see the positive impact this new development will have on DailyPay Clients!

We came across an amazing innovation by one of our current DailyPay clients, Carlos Cruz, who’s developed this creative tipping jar called the Rideshare Candy Jar! We have to admit, this little product is genius and we love it!

DailyPay wants to reward FIVE of our TOP REFERRERS in the network with these jars, retailed at $65! See below for more details!Rideshare Candy Jar

Uber Man endorses the Candy Jar here. Go to 6:05 – 8:00 to see his review. He explains that one lady made $60 in just one night from use of the jar – Awesome, huh?

Other reviews from happy customers on Etsy:

“I love this item! In the past weekend I have almost made my investment back and the some! All my pax was excited to see this in my truck and thought the charging cables was a great touch. Thank you again for making this possible.” – mike72904

“Great product! Installed my unit in my car and ran some trips today and got great compliments from passengers. Best purchase I have made for my business! Thanks again!” – Rufus Kilpatrick

Find out below how to participate in this giveaway!



Because ‘tis the season for tipping – obv! Also we want to show our utmost appreciation to our loyal clients and top referrers in the DailyPay network


  • We’re giving away five grand prizes – The Rideshare Candy Jars!
  • And five general prizes – DailyPay Swag!


  • Start date: Thursday, April 28
  • End date: Thursday, May, 19


To be eligible for the draw, by May 19th you need to:

  • Refer AT LEAST 20 people in a three week period from Thursday, April 28, 2016 to Thursday, May 19th
  • Be an active DailyPay client
  • Have received at least 15 payments from DailyPay


If you’re not sure about how to track your 20 referrals over the three week period, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Find out how many people you have referred to date by going here.
  2. Add 20 to the number of people you’ve referred. For example, if today you’ve referred 5 people, in three weeks, by May 19, 2016, you’ll need 25 referrals to qualify. 
  3. Login here to start tracking and referring fellow uber drivers!

We’ll notify winners separately as well as in a follow up blog announcement on Thursday, May 19th!


DailyPay reserves the right to modify the terms of this giveaway at any time in its sole discretion.

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