Meet Randy and Denise — Our first employee Fan Love Friday Feature

Meet Randy & Denise, this week’s Fan Love Friday Clients! As team members at The Maids™, they are our first employee (distinct from our on-demand contractor clients) Fan Love Friday feature. This is fitting because Randy & Denise were among the first DailyPay clients outside of our on-demand clients. Both from Philadelphia, the couple actually…

Got DailyPay? Ina Does!

We had the most delightful chat with Ina this week. Originally from Detroit, Ina moved to California to pursue her passion for acting and comedy. That was unsurprising because she’s literally one of the friendliest and funniest people we’ve ever had the pleasure speaking with! What did surprise us though, was her disclosing her age….

Jeff Fan Love Friday

Jeff Of All Trades

DailyPay Stands with Flint. Meet Jeffrey. Hardworking husband and father of three from Flint, Michigan. Jeff started his career in HR then dove into restaurant and retail management and is now working at a bank! He also drives for Uber part time for supplemental income. You might say he’s a Jeff of All Trades. Looking…

Natasha Rivera Fan Love

Natasha – Our Hero

We are incredibly humbled to have had the opportunity to connect with Natasha this week. We love her! Natasha is a single mom that works 70 hours a week as a Rideshare driver who also just started school this week! She’s also our top female referrer. There is nothing Natasha can’t do. Natasha’s giving spirit…