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You can now text your favorite emojis to receive DailyPay

Text Emojis. Get Paid.

We know that asking for money can sometimes be awkward. But it absolutely shouldn’t be. 94% of you have told us that you use DailyPay to pay bills on time, make rent, put food on the table for your loved ones, and meet your financial goals. You should be proud of that.


That’s worth repeating a second time: You should be proud of that.


We’re now making it easier (and more fun) for you to meet your important financial goals. Starting today, DailyPay Clients can now text their favorite emojis and instantly receive funds.  


We know you all text emojis to your friends, loved ones, and family members all day long…..and since so many of you consider us like family, we thought why not let you text us too. Here’s what our beta testers have said so far about our text feature:


You can learn more about how to text emojis to receive money here or watch the video below.


1 Million Payments

This announcement comes at a very special time for DailyPay. About two years ago, we had this crazy idea – what if we could use technology to allow you to control the timing of when you got paid. Wouldn’t that help the average hardworking American avoid late fees and pay bills on time, instead of waiting for payday?


Well, it looks like that idea wasn’t so crazy after all. We’re proud to say that we made our 1 millionth payment earlier this summer.


So whether it’s receiving an automatic payment, or transferring funds from your DailyPay Account, or now even texting us, we hope we can be there for you in your time of need. We’re proud of you for meeting your financial goals, and we’re thrilled to have helped you along the way.


Thank you DailyPay Clients for making this an amazing journey. We’re looking forward to the next million payments.


Jason Lee, CEO


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